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VIP Room

Rope Horse Ranch VIP Room is newly constructed.  This is an excellent space to enjoy any celebration. 

It has a wonderful view of the arena!


View of arena from VIP Room


You can RENT this amazing space!

What is included in your rental:

  • State of the art sound system & TV.

  • Access to a full kitchen.

  • Use of the Men's & Women's restrooms.

  • Birdseye view of indoor arena.

  • Plenty of parking.

Items not included with rental, but available for additional fees:

  • Outdoor or Indoor arena

  • Tractor and operator

  • Electrical hookups 

  • Equipment lockers

What kind of events could be hosted in this space?:

  • Birthday party

  • Office party

  • Meetings

  • Christmas party

  • Weddings/Receptions

  • Dinner party

  • Dance


Rent the VIP Room and the Indoor arena for the ultimate cowboy or cowgirl party!

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