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Premier Equestrian Facility in the Colorado Springs Area

Rope Horse Ranch

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Rope Horse Ranch is a 80 acre property located near Colorado Springs and Monument, Colorado.  Previously known as Bar Diamond X, the Crandall's purchased the property in May of 2019. Located on the property are two professional sized arenas, indoor and outdoor. Both arenas are equipped with roping chutes and return alleys, good for roping, sorting, and penning events.  We are dedicated to safe quality equestrian experiences. Our footing is carefully groomed to precise levels over a uniform base. This facility is available for rent, open riding, training, lessons, events, and other equestrian opportunities.  

NEW: upgraded sprinkler system heads & installation of large exhaust fan.

Facility Descriptions


Indoor Arena

Rope Horse Ranch's Indoor Arena measures 125' x 300'.

Best rental option with the

most benefits.


Outdoor Arena

Rope Horse Ranch's Outdoor Arena measures 280' x 140".

Totally equipped for roping events


VIP Room

Rope Horse Ranch's VIP Room

is a new facility and an excellent rental for celebrations.

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